Poems & Essays

Selected Essays:  

Cutleaf: “Mourning a Student”

Romper: “My Phone and I” 

Racked: “Jeans, Motherhood, and the Myth of Sisyphus”

New Ohio Review: “Gender’s Tidy Little Story: On Stacey Waite’s ‘The Kind of Man I Am at the DMV'”

At Length: “The Colossal: Iris van Herpen and Girls Write the Museum”

The Puritan: “The Knife in the Couch: On Writing and Privacy”

Selected Online Poems:

AGNI: “People at Yellow Lights Scrolling”

The Adroit Journal: “So Easy”

New Ohio Review: “I’m trying to write a joyful poem” and “Landscape with iPhone”

The Pittsburgh Book Review: “Building an Arch at the Science Center,” “Ghost Shape,” and “My therapist asks about my overcritical self”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry: “Girl in the Street”

Pittsburgh Quarterly: “Necessary City”

Muzzle: “Feed” and “& then she wailed & screamed & coughed on her own drool”

Tupelo Quarterly: “Needlework”

Radar Poetry: “Wake”

Gulf Stream: “Landscape with Ex-Husband Lingering”

Southword Journal: “As Much As a Letter”

Rogue Agent: “The Falls”

Selected Interviews & Reviews: 

The Adroit Journal: The Inverted Red Triangle of Empathy, Review of THE FALLS by Emily Paige Wilson

Coal Hill Review: Review & Interview: The Falls, by Risa Denenberg

Mom Egg Review: Review of The Falls by Cammy Thomas

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: Catching up with Emily Mohn-Slate

Speaking of Marvels: Interview with William Woolfit about FEED, June, 2019

The Poetry Cafe: Review of my chapbook, FEED, by Risa Denenberg, May, 2019

Prosody 90.5 WESA: Interview with Jan Beatty, July 25, 2015

Selected Book reviews:

Pittsburgh Poetry Review: Book Review: Suites for the Modern Dancer, Jill Khoury, Issue IV, October 2016

Coal Hill Review: Book Review: Domestic Garden, John Hoppenthaler May 2015

Coal Hill Review: Book Review: Day Unto Day, Martha Collins, April 2015