My newsletter—Be Where You Are

I just started a newsletter: Be Where You Areand I’d love for you to check it out! It’s about how to use writing and mindfulness to be where you are. I’ll be sharing mini-essays, writing and mindfulness prompts, and interviews with writers, teachers, and artists.

This newsletter takes its name from a phrase I’ve been writing as a reminder to myself over the past few years: Be where you are. Because no matter how many reminders I give myself, it is incredibly hard not to go shooting off into my thought loops, or, to dive into Instagram stories, or to obsess about deadlines and all the things I’m not doing. To actually be here. I’m hoping we can share ideas, questions, frustrations, and practices in this space.

This first mini-essay comes from the trenches of summer parenting, which on Instagram seems glorious always but, in truth, can be challenging as hell.

I’d be honored if you’d check it out and consider subscribing for free to get new posts in your inbox—and share it with a friend or two✨✨